Flower Stamen      Stringer
       Courtesy of
      Bill Brachhold
This picture shows my yellow rod (standard moretti 1/4 inch of 6 mm rod) with the black stripes applied.
This one shows the encasing, which could of stood to be thicker and better !! I've also marvered it a little, to form a compact cylinder, as it is easier to punty up to it and you can pull a more consistent stringer from it.
This one shows the clear glass rod, that I maria'ed then joined to the end of the cylinder.
Here is the stringer (the part that would fit in the picture anyway !!) pulled out. After I cut this one off the two rods with my glass cutting pliers, I then pushed the two end pieces still on the rod together, and pulled another 5" piece of stringer out of it. Total was about 11"