Silvered Ivory Stringer
copyright 2001-2004 Melinda Melanson
Place 1/4 sheet of silver foil or leaf on your marver. I use the back of my aluminum dual side marver.

Use only fine silver .999 leaf or foil.  Most craft stores do not sell the real thing.  Be sure to check the label.
Warm 1-2 inches of the Dark Ivory rod.  Do not allow it to get molten.  You want it  hot enough for the silver to stick to it, but not hot enough that it gets gloppy and out of control.
Lay the warm rod onto the silver foil/leaf.  If the foil/leaf does not stick, you need to warm the rod some more.
Roll the silver foil over the Dark Ivory rod.
Burnish/rub the foil onto the rod.  You want the foil/leaf to contact the rod, and rub out large air bubbles. I used my small brass stump shaper.
Melt the silver into the Dark Ivory rod.
Now pull your blob into whatever thickness stringer that you desire.  The chemical reaction between the silver and ivory make the stringers very brittle.  Handle very gently.

Experiment with other base colors.