Basic Raised     Flower
Here's how I make my raised flowers.

Make a base bead. Pretty easy so I did not include a pic.

1. On your base bead place 6 dots around the equator.

2. Now place 1 dot on left shoulder of bead, skipping a space, then another dot, skip space, then another dot. For a total of 3 dots left side. Repeat for right shoulder.

3. Take your handy dandy razor tool and heat up your bumps and then dent them one by one.

4. Now place a dot of contrasting color for the center of flower.

If you have lost any dents due to overheating, gently reheat and crease them again. This pattern will give you 3 flowers. Play with your dot spacing to squeeze in more or less flowers. And if your petals mush together, make your dots smaller. If they are not close enough to one another, make your dots bigger.
copyright 2003-2004
Melinda Melanson
Copyright 2003 Melinda Melanson