Basic Harlequin
Step 1.
Make a simple base bead. This one measures approximately 5 X 11mm.

Step 2.
Place medium size dots, equally spaced around the equator of the bead. This bead has 5 dots.
Place 5 slightly smaller dots on the right side and the left side of the dots you placed around the equator. These dots should be off center in between the dots on the equator. At this point the bead is your simple bumpy bead.

Step 3.
Slowly melt the dots down all at once. Keep that mandrel turning.

Step 4. Optional
Place dots at intersections of your melted in dots.

Vary the amount of dots, and size of your dots until you get the look you are after. This is one of the Practice Practice Practice techniques.  And some days will turn out better than others. Notice I do not have sharp points on my bead. My dots could have been a teensy bit bigger to get sharper points. I have not mastered this technique to always get perfectly sharp points.
Copyright2003 Melinda Melanson